Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Q and A with Gnanavallal Paranjothi Mahan

Disciple: Why Swamiji awakens the hidden power of those who come to Swamiji ?
Mahan : I shall not be a happy man if I were to keep the knowledge of Truth to myself.
I have great love for mankind and for this I impart the knowledge to one and all.

Disciple: Does Swamiji differentiate men good or bad before imparting the knowledge ?
Mahan : Every one is divinely good. There is no bad man. It is only certain factors that
exist in the society influence the character, quality and personality of a man
or woman. I teach a man how to swim and it is up to him to swim across the
sea and to reach the shore beyond.

Disciple: What is the purpose of disseminating the knowledge of Kundalini Yoga ?
Mahan : The purpose is to make one to attain self-realization, true knowledge and
to be liberated from ignorance and fear.

Disciple: What do you mean by fear ?
Mahan : Fear is the outcome in a weak mind due to superstition, suspicion, jealousy
and selfishness. These bring misery in one’s life, Kundalini practice enables
one to build up a strong and powerful mind that will overcome fear.

Disciple: Is there God ?
Mahan : Yes and No. if you insist that there is God, then I say he is omnipresently manifested in all forms of things. Meanwhile there is no god if one believes that God is sitting on a throne in the heaven. Everything in manifestation is God.
God is not who is imagined as a super natural being.

Disciple: Why man must die ?
Mahan : In this Earth, everything is made up of atoms. As the age of life grows,
whether animate or inanimate, the atoms of that life destroy each
other due to friction and finally life succumbs to the pressure.

Disciple: Is the re-incarnation ?
Mahan : There is no re-incarnation. After death a man’s life is succeeded by his
own children. Life in everything does not end where it appears
to stop. It continues and moves in a cycle.

Disciple: What happens to a man after death ?
Mahan : After death a man is finished for ever, but his thoughts and ideas
never die and they pass on to ages.

Disciple: Can master cure a person suffering from dreadful diseases ?
Mahan : Yes. If the person has strong faith in me, with courage and
perseverance, one can get his disease cured.


At 8:58 AM, Blogger alagappan said...

should i be a vegeteranian to take the path of self-realization?

At 9:35 AM, Anonymous kundalini yogi said...

alagappan, no u dont have to, its nothing to do with spirituality....

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At 7:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 5:15 AM, Blogger longriflewarrior said...

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I believe without a proper guidance and an personal oath of self-control and dicipline, no one should attempt it alone. The effects and experiences varies, depending on the meditators sincerity and determination to handle peace, harmony, happiness and all types of difficulities-'Sothanai,' along the way!

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