Wednesday, December 13, 2006

experience from an unknown disciple!

I had a dream in 1993 of my great spiritual guru who has entered mahasamadhi in 1981, a few months ago i had a dream of durgai-amman which is my fav deity and my mother said i was born only after she prayed to durgai-amman and i also dreamt of my uncle who passed away in 1997,a month later. In my whole life i have seen presence of spirits on 5 occasions, all at night, 4 times when i asleep, once when i was awake. I was 5 years old then. I have met kirubhananthavariyar and got his personal blessings and a few other spiritual gurus blessings, who i have read about and those i have accepted as my gurus such as paramahansa yogananda, sri yukteshwar, lahiri mahasaya, babaji, ramana maharishi, vivekananda and sai baba.
I got initiated when i was 15 years old by Guru Paranjothi Subramaniam from Self Awareness Centre Malaysia whose spiritual gurus are Gurupiran Paranjothi Sivasankaran and Gnanavallal Paranjothi Mahan who have both entered samadhi.

I fell in love with classical dance when i was 4 and was adament to learn it and by 1993, i nearly got hit by a motorbike, i panicked and froze but i felt a hand griping my arms to safety and when i looked around, the whole place was deserted. My intincts are always right and my life line which was short before my initiation to meditation has now become longer. Things i long for came in real and things i do half heartly sure fails.I have met some person who i feel i have known for ages including my beloved guru,who intiated me into spiritual life. My personality has changed alot these years...i am at peace now.......Glad


At 6:41 AM, Blogger Mr RAMABARATH said...

what are trying to say...
what was the connection of your dreams

At 8:11 AM, Blogger selni said...

How did you know or find this story?


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