Thursday, September 15, 2005


Its time for me to share the story about my guru’s guru, GURUPIRAN GNANAGURU PARANJOTHI SIVASANKARAN. Born in 1935 January 7th, in a poor family background, He reached the height of the fame through hard-work. He was a magnanimous person who was always in noble thoughts that our children should be given proper education and we should uplift our economy status. Married to Mrs Saratha, they were blessed with childrens. Both Gurupiran and guru worked in LLN(TNB). Gnanavallal Paranjothi Mahan has been the initial Founder of Paranjothi Paripurna Gnanam Sabhai which was registered in Malaysia on 27.1.1977. Thereafter GP MAHAN in front of a crowd loyal disciples in Kuala Lumpur appointed Gnanaguru Paranjothi Sivasankaran as principal guru to lead the followers of the sabhai in the country, hence the title GURUPIRAN is given. The bond that He established with GP MAHAN is a testament to His endearing loyalty, faith and love for His Guru. It was a quite remarkable teacher-student relationship and transcends all levels of dedication and service. The message is to help and aid the countless numbers of souls in need of love, security and self-esteem. Simple and courageous person, Gurupiran is a man of action. He aimed high to promote GP MAHAN’s teachings and philosophy to the rest of the world and he did, of course. In 1980, GP MAHAN send a letter stating that PARANJOTHI PARIPURNA GNANA SABHAI is “the body and soul” of Gurupiran Sivasankaran. Ardent disciple of his holiness GNANAVALLAL PARANJOTHI MAHAN, GURUPIRAN GNANAGURU PARANJOTHI SIVASANKARAN attained the state of jeevamukthi (samathi) on Sunday 20.11.1994 at 10.15am. HIS HOLINESS was cremated on 22.11.1994 at 3.30pm in Klang Crematorium. Hundreds of disciples all over Malaysia came to pay their last respect to beloved GURUPIRAN. Gurupiran’s ‘asthi’ has been buried in NILAI MEMORIAL PARK, Negeri Sembilan on 11.12.1994 at 11.11am.

gurupiran sivasankaran means unconditional love and loyalty – paranjothi subramaniam

Blessing, santhosam


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