Friday, September 09, 2005

heart centre chakra(anahatha)

Anahata Chakra – Heart Centre
The chakra lies at the point of the spine across from the sternum at the centre of the chest. It is the seat of the ‘higher self’.
We are now halfway through our seven-levelled chakra system. Lying midway between the lower three and higher three chakras, the fourth centre marks the point of conscious departure from lower to higher awareness.
The heart chakra is related to the element air and the quality of unconditional love. Air is formless, largely invisible, expansive as it will expand to fit any space, yet it is soft and gentle. So too is pure love. Love is the expansion of the heart, the transcendence of boundaries, the inter-connectedness of your spirit or higher self.
If the heart centre is closed down, the very core of us suffers. Our breathing is shallow; slowing down our metabolism and our physical energy; we also tend to withdraw and become a closed system. When the heart chakra is too open, there is a tendency to give all our time and energy away, to be so focused on ‘other’ that we lose our own centre.
Ideally the heart should radiate love from a strong, solid centre of self-acceptance and reach out with supportive care and compassion towards others. The operating force in this chakra is the force of equilibrium. That which stays in balance has longevity and lives in joy and harmony. Allow yourself to be in touch with the peaceful loving balance of the heart within yourself and with others and experience the abundance of universal love and healing.
To balance this expansive centre, primarily all you need is to expand your chest, have a good posture, breathe the life-force or prana into your heart and feel one with the universe. Full concentration at the heart centre reveals compassion, innate harmony, healing presence and the most profound, unconditional love.


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